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If you are looking for a great Hot Dog, a fantastic Italian Beef sandwich and Awesome Customer Service you found the right place!!

Top Dog is a local restaurant and mobile food business specializing in premium meats and fresh toppings.

We are a husband and wife team, one from the Chicago the other from St. Paul. Together we bring you the authenticity of Chicago food with a taste of Twin Cities flare. Visit us in our West Saint Paul location on Robert St. where you’ll be able to get all your Chicago style classics. Or you can check us out in the Downtown Minneapolis Saint Paul area. You will find us where the real Chicago Dog started (on a hot dog stand) selling those famous Italian beefs and Chicago Dogs. Come give us a taste!


​​ If you love hot dogs you will really love us. We have nothing but the best premium hot dogs and polishes out there! Not only are they fantastic but the toppings are always fresh and original. We our most famous for are Chicago Dog from the tomatoes to that kosher pickle and the authentic neon green relish you will get the real deal at one of our stands.

What makes us special you ask??
Our customer service and originality has been rated #1 in the past 3 years! Now a day’s good customer service is hard to find, but that stops with us!!! We value your business and love to see a repeat satisfied customer.